Visiting Re-enactors
The following is the NCWA's policy regarding visiting re-enactors. Please read these policy statements and the directions listed below.

The members of PACWR (see list below) may attend all normal NCWA events at no charge. If a fee is imposed on NCWA members for a specialty event, then the same fee structure will apply to members of the PACWR members paying all appropriate charges and fees.
Compact Clubs List:


Individuals who are either members of organizations which are not part of PACWR or are individual re-enactors; must pay the current NCWA's Single Event fee as set from time to time by the Combined Board plus any special fees, which might apply, to attend any NCWA event.

The NCWA's Single Event Membership Fees are:

Single: $20 per each & every event
Couple: $30 per each & every event
Family: $35 per each & every event

That given the special nature of the Fresno Event, we are waiving all Visitors fees that might otherwise be applied for this event.

Some of our events may require special registration forms, please check the information for the event which you are planning to attend. If a special registration form is required you must submit that information as directed, in order to attend that event. This is in addition to the regular Visitor registration procedures.
For further information contact Debbie Taylor, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


1. Fill out the entire online registration form. Remember to check the "visitor" box in the upper left portion of the first page and after printing, initial/sign all appropriate places on the 2nd page.
2. If a minor child will be attending with a guardian (other than a legally responsible parent), a
guardianship form is required.
3. If you are a visiting artillery unit, you must register your guns for proper placement.