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3rd US Artillery
3rd US Artillery
Image made at Fresno event 2004 by Wm. Dunniway & Co.
The 3rd U.S. Artillery, Batteries L&M Consolidated, presents a living history portrayal of Regular Army horse-drawn artillery and complementary impressions. It is one of only a few such groups in the United States able to present a horse drawn battery impression, and the only one on the West Coast. The 3rd is the only unit in the NCWA to represent Regular Army professional soldiers rather than state militia or volunteer units. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area at the start of hostilities, the battery was sent east to serve throughout the war.
3rd US Artillery
Cannon team, taken at 2005 Gibson Ranch
The horses are retired Standardbred trotters, purchased after their useful harness track racing careers have ended. The 3rd US Artillery gives them new lives in living history demonstrations pulling artillery and wagons, and serving as outrider horses or cavalry mounts. Our “Sponsor a Rescued Horse” program involves the public in this endeavor. More details are available at

Recently, the 3rd US has formed a dedicated team of individuals who perform military funerals complete with a horse-drawn caisson and matched black horses with drivers attired in period-correct full dress Civil War era uniforms. This impression has allowed us to showcase the military horse in one of its finest ceremonial roles while honoring those who have sacrificed for our country's freedom.
3rd US Artillery
This is the 3rd's Memorial Detail carrying the casket of retired LTG Elvy Roberts.
His funeral took place at the National Cemetery at The Presidio in October 2005.
Our members are drawn from a cross section of Californians. Families make up a significant portion of our membership, allowing for a multigenerational, authentic presentation. We also feature an impression of the United States Sanitary Commission, for those who prefer a civilian portrayal of life during the War Between the States, as well as providing a place for our younger members to grow into Living History. Members present other impressions including period blacksmithing/leather repairing/woodworking under the title of artificers; a signal corps impression; a newly formed period brass band, and for a number of years have supplied the manpower to enable ground charges to be used at events. 
3rd US Artillery 3rd US Artillery
 The 3rd US has one of the few working
“travelling forges” in the country!
 The Ft. Point Garrison Brass Band, with members
from the 3rd US, the 69th NY, the 2nd Mass Cav
and other units.
The 3rd US has appeared in numerous television programs, such as the History Channel's series “Tactical to Practical”, and a segment in a special production on the Mexican American War. The 3rd US-sponsored reenactment at Duncans Mills near Guerneville, California each July is considered the finest event for West Coast participants, drawing over 700 reenactors and thousands of spectators.

The 3rd US is an active club holding work parties over the winter months for equipment repair, horse and member training sessions, fun rides and other get-togethers. We are always looking for new recruits to carry on the traditions of mounted artillery with a goal to still be an active unit in 2063 for the 200th anniversary of the Civil War.
Unit Contact:

Captain Alan Ginos
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