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  In support of the soldier.

Working Woman’s Guild & Sons
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About WWG&S
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The Working Woman’s Guild & Sons hopes that you'll be inspired to join us in our endeavor to portray civilians in some of the indispensable roles they played during the American Civil War.  The cost of preserving this nation was great.  Everyone was impacted by the war, whether by the incredible effort in keeping the troops fed and clothed in the field, by the lack of goods and services during this great time of duress, or by the loss of life that affected almost every family.  During this time, all civilians were involved, and it is our hope to portray their lives realistically.
Civil War Era

About WWG&S

The Working Woman’s Guild & Sons does not define itself as a "northern" or "southern" group. Membership is based on shared interests in period skills, crafts, and trades; how they were plied in daily life; and how they supported the war effort and the soldiers in the field. Our purpose is to provide a network of information, shared research, and resources.

Representing civilian roles during the war, typical activities and roles that are portrayed include: cooks, laundresses, spies, housewives, servants, slaves, teamsters, munitions making, bakers, drovers, quilting, knitting, letter writing, aid-givers, seamstresses, soap making, and goods delivery.



Cooks, laundresses, spies, smugglers, housewives, spinners, knitters, stitchers, and just plain helpful folks are welcome to apply for membership with the Working Woman’s Guild & Sons.  Their purpose must be related to “the cause” (north or south) and approved by the Guild members.

Potential members need only to show an interest in the American Civil War.  You do not have to be a history expert, just willing to learn.  Membership is not restricted to women either; there were many male army cooks, teamsters, spies and smugglers.  New members are apprenticed to a guild member, who will answer their questions and help them guide them in their research.  We encourage each member to do his or her own research as part of the learning experience.  Guild members are happy to share information they have accrued through their research.

Membership requirements to the Working Woman’s Guild & Sons are: (a) doing a historical impression based on portraying a civilian engaged in demonstrating tasks/skills in support of the soldiers, (b) subscription to the Guild’s Standards of Accuracy, (c) participation in a reasonable number of guild meetings and activities, and (d) active membership in the NCWA.  To join the Working Woman’s Guild & Sons, complete a NCWA membership form , have the form signed by the Guild Leader, and mail the completed form to the NCWA.



Contact Us

Please contact the Working Woman’s Guild & Sons at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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