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Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
Images created 2006 by Wm. Dunniway & Co.
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues

Originally formed in 1829 as a state militia company and prestigious social club. The Blues served through the entire war and were one of the few military units that actually increased in size, during the conflict. The Blues took an oath to never surrender and did not lose a single man to desertion throughout the course of the war.

Although they originally took their name from the dark blue uniforms originally worn by the unit, the Blues adopted Confederate gray and butternut, when they became the approved Confederate army colors after the battle of Bull Run. Later in 1861, the Blues received the designation of Grandy's battery (after Charles Grandy, Captain of the battery)and were identified as such in official Confederate records from that time forward.

The Blues first served as a coastal unit on the Virginia Peninsula, where they engaged hostile craft in the defense of Norfolk. After the Seven Days, they were assigned to D.H.Hill's Dept., south of the James River where they bombarded Union forces at Harrison's Landing. Lee next ordered the Blues to the Fredricksburg area where they were assigned to Anderson's division of Longstreet's Corps. They fought with Anderson's command at Fredricksburg and Chancellorsville. When Lee reorganized his army after Jackson's death, the Blues were assigned to Heth's division of A.P. Hill's III Corps. They fought at Gettysburg as part of Garnett's battalion and in the Wilderness the next year as part of Richardson's. They were also part of the Confederate defense of Petersburg during its seige, and were present at Appomattox.
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
Image created 2002 by Wm. Dunniway & Co.
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